Protein Paint Documentation

Drawing a Protein

Using mRNA Accession

This is the most reliable way to draw a protein, using the specific accession number (NM_xx or NP_xx) means that you will get the protein you expect (size, domains etc). Try NM_007313 (ABL1)

Using Gene Name

Using the gene name searches our "prefered" list of accession numbers to use for each gene and draws the resulting protein. Try NOTCH1.

Adding Mutations to Your Plots

Adding mutations is easy.

Simply enter the mutations in the mutation box separated by a comma or newline.

You will need to use the codes below for you mutations. Each mutation is entered in the folowing format:

so for a protein with two missense mutations an A->G at position 100 and a V->R at 201

enter: A100G:M,V201R:M

PSplice SiteH1146_E24splice:P

You can also change the color of the mutation "stick" i.e. A100A:SG or A100A:SA

  • G = germline (green)
  • S = somatic (black)
  • P = putative (grey)
  • A = other (blue)

Displaying Regions

Regions are designed for deletions BUT...

they can be used for highlighting other areas in the protein

In the label box put what kind of regions you are drawing - this will appear on the left

In the regions box enter the start and end of the region separated by a comma i.e. 100,200

You can also specify a specific label for that region by entering it after the region end i.e. 100,200,delTM

Draw multiple regions by putting them on separate lines (press enter after each one) i.e:


Add Domains / Regions

Enter details of any domains you wish to add here, after each domain press enter.
Format: start,end,label,color

PCGP Explore - What's New

  • Released the Rhabdosarcoma(RHB) study results
  • Added the mRNA Accession number to the SNV-Indel Tier 1 data chart
Click here to view Release Notes
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